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Special economic zone of industrial production type “Third Pole”

To attract new residents to the industrial sector of the economy, in accordance with Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation dated February 26, 2022 No. 244, a special economic zone of industrial production type “Third Pole” was created in the Kursk region.

The special economic zone of industrial production type “Third Pole” is located on the territory of two municipalities – the city of Zheleznogorsk and the Zheleznogorsk district of the Kursk region.

The main goal of creating the SEZ PPT “Third Pole” is the development of manufacturing sectors of the economy through the creation on the territory of the SEZ of modern industrial production complexes capable of ensuring the production of high-tech products of deep industrial processing in order to meet the needs of the Russian economy and stimulate exports.

The goals of creating the IP SEZ “Third Pole” correspond to the strategic development guidelines of both the Russian Federation and the Kursk region and, accordingly, the investment priorities of the country and the region.

Letters of intent were signed with three anchor residents: Mikhailovsky HBI LLC, Advanced Mechanical Engineering Technologies LLC, Zheleznogorsk RTI Plant LLC.

The management company of the SEZ is JSC “Development Corporation of the Kursk Region” in accordance with the Agreement on the management of the special economic zone of industrial production type “Third Pole”, created in the territories of the municipalities “city of Zheleznogorsk” and “Zheleznogorsk district” of the Kursk region dated April 28, 2022 No. S-107-SG/D14.

Key indicators by 2031

Volume of investments by residents
39 974,7 million rubles
Total area
237,05 ha
Duration of existence of the SEZ
49 years


Regulatory framework

Advantages of the SEZ “Third Pole”

Benefits and preferences
Preferential tax regime for SEZ residents
Resident support
Comprehensive support for residents in a “one-stop shop” mode
State guarantees
Guarantees for SEZ residents against changes in Russian legislation on taxes and fees that worsen the situation of taxpayers
Availability of infrastructure
The existing infrastructure facilities located on the SEZ territory make it possible to serve the production needs of potential SEZ residents.
Favorable geographical location
Access to the main sales markets and transport arteries of the country
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