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Public-private partnership in the Kursk region

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The mission of public-private partnerships in the Kursk region: the creation of high-quality social infrastructure of the region by increasing the investment attractiveness of the Kursk region and supporting investment projects using PPP mechanisms.

Concluded agreements
Total investment on concluded agreements
21 236

The Government of the Kursk Region pays special attention to the development of one of the spheres of the region – PPP. Over the past 5 years, about 30 significant agreements have been concluded totaling more than 20 billion rubles.

The most important participants participating in the PPP for the implementation of large regional projects are companies: LLC Movistan Regions of Kursk (renewal of transport infrastructure), LLC Perekol 47 (development of educational infrastructure), LLC Flagman-Kursk (development of communal and energy infrastructure ). This indicates a serious priority given by the Kursk Region by the development of this sphere, which directly affects the increase in the standard of living and well -being of regional residents. We use services daily in the field of transport, healthcare, education and other areas.

The quality of infrastructure in one way or another affects our lives, therefore, the constant updating of old and the creation of new objects is the key to the successful development of the country

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