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A trip to the Kursk region can become a bright and unforgettable event for the guests of our region. The region has significant tourism potential, which makes it possible to single out tourism as one of the priority areas for the development of investment activities. On the territory of the region there are a large number of tourist display objects, which, due to the developed transport infrastructure, are easily accessible for tourists. The main types of tourism are business, cultural, educational, religious, event tourism.

The tourism infrastructure in the Kursk region consists of the following main entities:

  • 85 tourist enterprises (tour operators and travel agents) – including 4 tour operators;

  • 135 collective accommodation facilities with a capacity of 9,832 places, 9 medical and health-improving institutions;

  • 20 children’s health camps;

  • 22 recreation centers;

  • more than 1300 catering establishments;

  • 1 tourist information center;

  • more than 9 thousand people are involved in the tourism industry of the region (employees of travel companies, collective accommodation facilities, health resort organizations).

Objects of culture

There are 1463 cultural institutions in the region, of which 53 (with branches) are regional and 1410 are municipalities, including:

  • 3 theaters, 1 philharmonic society;

  • 36 state and 1 municipal museum;

  • 657 libraries, of which 3 are state (scientific library named after N.N. Aseev, for children and youth, a library for the blind) and 654 municipal;

  • 216 model libraries;

  • 681 institutions of cultural and leisure type, of which 617 are in the countryside. They have 4,967 club formations with 65,196 members;

  • the municipal cinema network of the region has 238 cinema installations;

  • educational activities in the field of culture are carried out by 4 professional organizations, the Educational and Methodological Center, 48 children’s art schools (by type);

  • the cultural sector employs 3,870 people.

 House of Soviets, Red Square 1, Kursk

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