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Export development


Since 2019, regional projects of the national project “International Cooperation and Export” have been implemented in the Kursk region: “Development of exports of products of the agricultural sector of the Kursk region”, “Export services”, “System measures for the development of international cooperation and export”. Regional project “Development of export of medical services in the Kursk region”, as a component of the national project “Healthcare”. These projects are aimed at achieving the goals specified by the President of the Russian Federation in the Decree of 05.05.2018 No. 204 “On national goals and strategic tasks of the development of the Russian Federation for the period until 2024”.

Given the tasks defined by the National Project of the Russian Federation “International Cooperation and Export” as part of the Strategy for the Socio-Economic Development of the Kursk Region for the period until 2030, an export strategy for the Kursk region was developed.

Priorities in the development of the export activity of the Kursk region, determined by the export strategy for the period until 2030, are:

the development of the existing specialization of the region and the use of advantages shown in both the Russian and world markets;
diversification of the export basket in the context of commodity groups and countries;
Strengthening foreign economic ties at the regional level.

The main directions of the development of exports of the Kursk region, contributing to the development of international cooperation, include:

expansion of non -resource non -energy exports;
development of services export; involving small and medium -sized enterprises in export activities;
Improving the efficiency of the export support system.

The development of the ties of the Kursk region with foreign partners is carried out as part of 22 documents signed by the administration of the Kursk region (agreements, protocols of intentions, memorandums) on the implementation of international and foreign economic relations with foreign countries and 20 with the regions of the Russian Federation, as well as 56 protocols, agreements and agreements on agreements on The establishment of twinfety ties on cooperation in the trade, economic, scientific, technical and humanitarian and cultural spheres with regions and cities of near and far abroad countries.

These agreements and protocols cover a variety of areas of interactions: from industrial cooperation to joint cultural and educational programs. The most promising areas of development of international cooperation:

holding presentations of the economic and investment potential of the Kursk region and partner regions through the concluded agreements;

assistance to business entities registered in the Kursk region for participation in international exhibition and fair events abroad, as well as in the Russian Federation, including SMEs;

organization, within the framework of visits led by senior officials of the Kursk region abroad, contributing to the promotion of products produced in the Kursk region to the foreign market;

activation of work on the organization of interaction between enterprises of the Kursk region with enterprises of the partner regions through concluded agreements;

The development of the interregional universal wholesale and retail fair “Kursk Korenskaya Fair” and the organization framework of its conduct of international business in the Kursk region.

Information resources of exporter support

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