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Industrial (industrial) park “Yubileiny”

Park “Yubileiny” is located in the north-eastern part of the Kursk region, 5 kilometers from the city of Kursk.

The area is 102.8 hectares.

The Park accommodates 11 (eleven) residents. The area occupied by residents is 44.69 hectares, which is 61.8% of the usable area.

Residents consume about 4 MW of electricity. It is planned to build power supply facilities with a capacity of 12 MW.

A medium-pressure gas pipeline with a capacity of 250 cu m / h runs along the eastern border of the park. In addition, it is planned to provide the park with gas supply in the amount of 4500 cubic meters / hour, however, residents consume more than 3,000 cubic meters / hour of gas.

The construction of a drainage system in the Park has been completed. This facility will allow you to receive from residents as households. domestic wastewater and stormwater after preliminary local treatment.

Particular attention will be paid to small and medium-sized businesses that will be able to locate their enterprises in the park on favorable terms.


Non-state industrial (industrial) park “SOYUZ”

Park “SOYUZ” type “brownfield” was created on the territory of the former Kursk PO “Schetmash” within the city (Railway District) at the address: Kursk, st. Rabochaya d. 23.

The area of ​​the park is 9.8 hectares.

It is located within the city of Kursk in a specially designated urban planning zone “Production P-2”.

Provided with municipal access roads with hard surface “2nd Rabochaya street”.

It has free communication with the M2 (E105) highways – directions Belgorod, Orel, Bryansk, Tula, Moscow, and А144 (E38) – directions Voronezh, Lipetsk, Belgorod.

Distance (by road) to the Kursk junction station of the Moscow Railway (railway station in Kuska) – 3.7 km.

Distance (by road) to the Ryshkovo cargo-passenger station of the Moscow Railway (equipped with a customs post) – 18 km.

Distance (by road) to the airport “Kursk Vostochny” – 3.7 km.

High transport accessibility to the public – tram, bus, fixed-route taxi (stop “2nd Rabochaya”, “Republican”, “Schetmash”, “Pharmstandard”).

Immediate accessibility of objects of social and domestic urban infrastructure of Kursk.

14 residents operate on the territory of the park; it is planned that about 20 residents will be accommodated on the territory of the park.

The park management company offers additional services for residents of the industrial park:

  • Laboratory tests – Russian Testing Center CJSC;
    IT services: administration, internet, telephony;
    Legal support;
    Accounting and financial services;
    Maintenance and repair of machine tools and equipment;
    Management company services (cleaning, security systems, cleaning of the territory);
    Logistics (there is a warehouse on the territory, safekeeping services are provided);

The investment volume of the management company in the development of a private industrial park amounted to about 750 million rubles.


Municipal industrial (industrial) park in Shchigry

In order to increase the investment attractiveness of the municipality, the administration of the city of Shchigry in the subordinate territory together with the Agency for attracting investments of the Kursk region and the committee for industry, transport and communications of the Kursk region in November 2018 in the city of Shchigry created an industrial park with an area of ​​50 hectares.

The site is distinguished by a high degree of readiness of infrastructure facilities. The park is located within the city, along the regional road “Kursk-Kastornoye”.

Near the territory there is a substation 110/35/10 “Fosforitnaya”. According to the power grid map of the Kursk region, the power reserve for technological connection is 23 MW.

A high-pressure gas pipeline runs through the territory. The power reserve is 2000 m3 / h. There is a city boiler room. There is a water well on the site.

The project of the territory planning and the project of land surveying in its structure of the industrial park have been developed. Public hearings were held.

A land plot for the first resident has been formed.

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