The agency on attraction
of investments in Kursk region

The Agency for Attracting Investments of the Kursk Region (JSC) was created in accordance with the Resolution of the Administration of the Kursk Region № 411-pa dated April 28, 2012.

The main goal of the Agency is the creation and development of industrial parks, their infrastructure and other facilities designed to ensure the functioning of industrial parks in the Kursk region.

As part of the implementation of the basic task, the Agency is actively working to attract residents to the newly formed Yubileiny industrial (industrial) park, located in the Kursk district of the Kursk region. This park was created in 2015. As of the end of 2019, 7 investment agreements were concluded with residents of the Yubileiny industrial park. Since the establishment of the Yubileiny park, the Agency has built a temporary passage on the territory of the said park to provide access roads to the first residents of the Yubileiny industrial (industrial) park, and also organized a drainage system. Currently, the Agency is considering the issue of installing video surveillance in the Yubileiny park. A meeting was held with a potential contractor and a commercial proposal was received indicating the estimated cost of work.

Also, the Agency is the management company of the industrial (industrial) park in. Shchigry. In 2020, work is underway to attract an anchor resident to the territory of the specified park, who plans to implement a project for the construction of an oil extraction plant.

Measures for the development of the Agency in accordance with the resolution of the Administration of the Kursk region dated 15.10.2014 № 652-pa "On the management of shares (stakes) of economic companies owned by the Kursk region" are approved annually within the framework of the program of activities for the planned period.

Today the Agency is an important component of the region's investment infrastructure.

Functions of the Agency

  • Promotion of investment opportunities of the Kursk region at the federal and international levels,
  • Complex assistance in the implementation of investment projects on the principle of «one window»,
  • Creation and management of working groups for implementation and maintenance of specific investment projects;
  • Ensuring the interaction of business structures (banks, investment funds, agencies), federal and regional institutions and authorities with investors;

The main activity of the Agency is attraction of investments to the Kursk region and work with investors.

Using modern methods and means of work with investors and developing public-private partnership, the Agency acts as a kind of guarantor for the implementation of regional investment projects.

The agency actively cooperates not only with the Administration and Governor of the Kursk region, with regional business communities and entrepreneurs’ support funds, but also develops interregional communications, expands the list of federal partners, participates in international investment forums.

The effectiveness of the Agency’s activities is measured by the number and quality of implemented investment projects, as well as by improving the position of the region in national and international rankings.

With the participation of the Agency, in the Kursk region comprehensive work with all authorities is carried out in order to support investment projects implemented in the region and simplify the procedures of their implementation.

The program of activities of the Agency for Investment Promotion of the Kursk Region

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