Investment case of the Kursk region

Investment case of the Kursk region – solutions and proposals for investors in the Kursk region. Here you will get the following information:

  1. Industrial parks in the Kursk region

  2. Land plots and industrial sites

  3. Regional Investment Standard

  4. Basic laws in the field of investment

Industrial (industrial) parks of the Kursk region

Industrial (industrial) parks of the Kursk region – this is a territory specially organized for the placement of new production facilities, provided with energy resources, infrastructure, necessary administrative and legal conditions and managed by a specialized company.

At the moment there are two industrial parks in the Kursk region:

Industrial (industrial) Park “Jubilee”. Brief description:

The Jubilee Park is located in the northeastern part of the Kursk district, 5 kilometers from the city of Kursk.

The area is 102.8 hectares.

The Park accommodates 11 (eleven) residents. The area occupied by residents is 44.69 hectares, which is 61.8% of the usable area.

Residents consume electrical energy of about 4 MW. It is planned to build power supply facilities with a capacity of 12 MW.

A medium-pressure gas pipeline with a capacity of 250 cubic meters/hour runs along the eastern border of the park. In addition, it is planned to provide the park with gas supply in the amount of 4,500 cubic meters/hour, but residents consume more than 3,000 cubic meters/hour of gas.

The construction of a drainage system in the Park has been completed. This facility will allow residents to receive both household wastewater and storm water after preliminary local cleaning.

Special attention will be paid to small and medium-sized businesses that will be able to place their enterprises in the park on favorable terms.

 Non-state Industrial (industrial) park “SOYUZ”. Brief description:

The “UNION” park of the “brownfield” type was created on the territory of the former Kursk PO “Countermash” in the city (Railway District) at the address: Kursk, Rabochaya str., 23.

The area of the park is 9.8 hectares.

It is located within the city of Kursk in a specially designated urban development zone “Production P-2”.

It is provided with municipal access roads with a hard surface “2nd Working Street”.

It has free communication with the highways M2 (E105) – directions Belgorod, Orel, Bryansk, Tula, Moscow, and A144 (E38) – directions Voronezh, Lipetsk, Belgorod.

The distance (by road) to the Kursk junction station of the Moscow Railway (railway station of the city of Kuska) is 3.7 km.

The distance (by road) to the cargo and passenger station “Ryshkovo” of the Moscow Railway (equipped with a customs post) is 18 km.

The distance (by road) to Kursk Vostochny Airport is 3.7 km.

High public transport accessibility – tram, bus, minibus (ost. “2nd Worker”, “Republican”, “Countermash”, “Farmstandart”).

Immediate accessibility of social and household urban infrastructure of Kursk.

There are 14 residents operating in the park, it is planned that about 20 residents will be accommodated in the park.

The management company of the park offers additional services for residents of the industrial park:

Laboratory tests — CJSC “Russian Testing Center”;
IT services: administration, Internet, telephony;
Legal support;
Accounting and financial services;
Maintenance and repair of machines and equipment;
Management company services (cleaning, security systems, territory cleaning);
Logistics (a warehouse is located on the territory, responsible storage services are provided);
The volume of investments of the management company in the development of a private industrial park amounted to about 750 million rubles.

Regional Investment Standard

The Regional Investment Standard is a system for supporting new investment projects developed by the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation.

Elements of the regional investment standard:

 Set of investment rules

Investment map of the Kursk region

 Investment declaration of the Kursk region

 Investment Committee of the Kursk region

Special economic zone of industrial and production type «Third Pole»

In order to attract new residents to the industrial sector of the economy, in accordance with the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 244 dated February 26, 2022, a special economic zone of the industrial and production type «Third Pole» was created on the territory of the Kursk region.

The special economic zone of the industrial and production type «Third Pole» is located on the territory of two municipalities – the city of Zheleznogorsk and the Zheleznogorsk district of the Kursk region.

The management company of the SEZ is JSC “Kursk Region Development Corporation” in accordance with the Agreement on the Management of the special economic zone of the industrial and production type “Third Pole”, established on the territories of the municipalities “Zheleznogorsk city” and “Zheleznogorsk district” of the Kursk region dated

How to become a resident:

  1. To form a package of documents, including a business plan of the project, in accordance with Federal Law No. 116-FZ of July 22, 2005
  2. Send an application to the Kursk Region Development Corporation for the conclusion of an agreement on the implementation of industrial and production activities in the SEZ
  3. Get the protocols of the decisions of the Expert and Supervisory Boards of the SEZ «Third Pole»
  4. Conclude a package of contracts with a management company represented by the Kursk Region Development Corporation

Advantages of the SEZ «Third Pole»:

Benefits and preferences. Preferential tax treatment for SEZ residents

Support for residents. Comprehensive support of residents in the “one” window mode

State guarantees. Guarantees for SEZ residents from changes in the legislation of the Russian Federation on taxes and fees that worsen the situation of taxpayers

Availability of infrastructure. The existing infrastructure facilities located on the territory of the SEZ allow servicing the production needs of potential residents of the SEZ.

Advantageous geographical location – access to the main sales markets and transport arteries of the country

Kursk Region Development Corporation JSC

Kursk Region Development Corporation JSC was established on June 26, 2012 on the basis of the Order of the Governor of the Kursk Region and acts as a single operator for working with investors and developing the investment infrastructure of the Kursk region.

Functions of the Corporation:

  • Attracting investments and supporting investors in the Kursk region
  • Increasing the investment attractiveness of the Kursk region
  • Assistance to the socio-economic development of the Kursk region
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