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АУКО «Корпорация развития Курской области»

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The Autonomous Institution of the Kursk Region “Corporation for the Development of the Kursk Region”, hereinafter referred to as the “Autonomous Institution”, was created in accordance with the order of the Kursk Region dated 06/08/2020 No. 274-ra and operates in accordance with the Constitution of the Russian Federation, the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, Federal Law “On Autonomous Institutions”, other federal laws, laws of the Kursk region and other regulatory legal acts of the Kursk region, this Charter, decisions of the Founder.

Functions of the Corporation:
  • Attraction of investments and support of investors on the territory of the Kursk region

  • Increasing the investment attractiveness of the Kursk region

  • Promotion of social and economic development of the Kursk region

Regulatory legal framework for the activities of AUKO “Kursk Region Development Corporation”
About the establishment of the AUKO “Corporation for the Development of the Kursk Region”
Charter of AUKO “Kursk Region Development Corporation”

305000, Kursk region, Kursk, Radishcheva, 29 


Тел.: +7 (4712) 70-70-47
Моб.: +7 960 684-16-21

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